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Say Hello to EDGAR “sauron” DEGAS

I rescued a one-eyed cat & took yet another big step toward becoming twenty-something spinster.

Pop Art, Cat, Dog, Funny, Weird, Rescue Animals

A little background- my new cat not only lost an eye sometime between April-ish and when I found him, but was also saved within seconds of being compacted in a garbage truck. He had a proper surgery to remove the missing eye so, lucky for anyone looking at him, his fur grew over the eye socket scar and it appears he is continuously winking.

Nerd, Cat Lady, Awkward, LOL

Edgar Degas was a French impressionist who, over time, went blind in one eye. Late in his career he became fascinated with long exposure photography, so when he wasn’t creeping on ballerinas he would spend hours in the dark slowly taking pictures.

Edgar Degas, Impressionist, Realist, Toilet Paper, Funny,

Sauron was the Dark Lord over Middle Earth who forged the ONE RING of power. He/She/It was known for some time in the form of an all seeing eye stationed in Mordor.

LOTR, Sauron, Dark Lord, Eye, Mordor, Cat, Humor

I could go on and on about this creature and Schubert. But, in a nutshell, they are bros and spend most of their days running, playing, and cuddling together. I could start a series of chain emails that get sent around with bible verses attached and people would LOVE IT. However, I’m not focused enough to start such a trend so don’t get your hopes up.

Pets, Cute, Kitten, Dog, Best Friends

Summary- my friend Mike said, “Liz, Schubert really needs a man in his life,” so I got him a cyclops kitty.

My Fabulously Awkward Apartment is Under Construction

Hola readers! Apologies for my absence, but my fabulously awkward Mum has been visiting for the last week and helping me finish the grand apartment design.

Because I did not have the time or desire to design a proper construction sign, here is me with a superimposed hat informing YOU that my design series is not over. There will be an unveiling sometime next week.

Sombrero, Funny, Lime Green, Beer, Dance

Much love to you all on this lovely Thursday!


Summary- when I did a Google image search for “construction hat” a sombrero was the 2nd image to come up.

UPDATE!!! Who is Fabulously Awkward Girl?

My name is Liz and this post accurately answers the age-old question……


ELouise’s Little Studio in the Big Green House- Pt. 1


Please forgive the lack of proofreading currently displayed on this post. It should be remedied with my typical, anal vocabulary and excessive punctuation soon.

victorian home, design inspiration, funny, humor, styleCHAPTER 1 PART 1

You may be surprised to know that, on top of being he assistant to a well-known NYC interior designer for several months, I really love putting together an apartment design from time-to-time (usually change cities every 2-3 years, so that’s my current project frequency).

First and foremost, you should know that nothing depresses me more than spending night after night somewhere with nothing on the walls. It’s like a person without a soul. Blank feels like an institution and if I wanted to live in a prison, I’d make a false confession to something horrible.

Here’s an overview of the most significant homes over the last 5 years….

  Little Rock, AR- Block 2 Apartment in The RiverMarket– 600 sq ft- neighborhood was LR’s main bar strip, work was 4 blocks away, concrete floors (very helpful for baby Schubert’s training) HUGE windows
studio apartment design inspiration
New York City Room- 10ft x 12ft (ish)- shared apartment with 2 male roommates who both had girlfriends, 5th floor, Harlem, subway ride to anywhere I could ever want to go, lived with awesome people 
NYC, apartment, small space, design inspiration, funny
  Bali Room- 6ft x 10ft- shared bamboo bunk beds with 3 roommates, toilet/shower room attached, hot as hell, but I was IN BALI with the most amazing, beautiful people EVER
travel, bali, volunteer, funny, design inspiration

Upon making the move to Denver this past April, it had been 7 months since I went from gypsy-ish young woman to full on gypsy whore (homeless, anyways) living out of a backpack; almost 3 years since I actually had ALL of my artwork and furniture (my NYC space could not fit more than 1/10 of my collection). Thoughts on where my new home would be occurred daily.

backpacker, travel, world, sneaker wedges, thumbs, funny

Damn, I really did go Sinead O’connor last fall….my only constant for 8 months is in that pack.

Jackelope, funny, design, photoshop, random, humorExactly 1 week after arriving, I signed a lease on a studio apartment in a lovely Victorian home!

Awesome Details about my New Place:

– exactly 1 block from City Park

– has a double lot, fenced in backyard

– was one of the first Denver farm houses; built in the late 1800’s, so Fabulously Awkward Girl’s weird moment quota with ghosts

– is an empty canvas

This little treasure has an odd layout, so I’m ready to get creative and turn it into a “Liz Space. Ideally, visitors will think to themselves, “Oh, I get what she’s all about…” But, it all starts with empty walls…

apartment, design, project, funny

 And a radiator on the ceiling….?

studio apartment design ideas

Between google image search and the before mentioned art collection, I’m going to make this place into a Pinterest worthy home!



Friends, I lived 5 weeks with only my newly aquired bed, someone else’s lovesac, and EMPTY WHITE WALLS. It was the worst kind of limbo. A punishment from the backpacker gods for returning to life with a home base again.

Thank god, a dear, life long friend Kevan Beth got married (because it was the happiest day of her life)…

best friends, weddings, bridal luncheon, life long friends
All of the Batesville Bully girls and our moms (minus PP)

It was when Bridesmaid call of duty ended that the trip became Mission Rent Car, Load Life, Then Drive Nonstop from Arkansas to Colorado in 72hrs.

Lucky for me, darling Laurenzo flew down from the NYC area to help me. bff, engineer, silly, nerd alert

sidenote- Lauren is the yin to my yang…lack of depth perception, anxious tendencies, and wedding weekend hangover stood no chance against her powers (thanks again Mrs. Shulzini!).
First, we went to my “storage unit” which is actually just brother’s guest house.

design, style, furniture, inspiration, studio apartment clutter, moving, design inspiration iNext, we picked out what could come and what had to stay, rented the small town’s only rental car company’s only giant suburban gangster-mobile (complete with tinted windows and questionable sound system), shoved more shit in that thing than anyone would think possible (Seriously, Laurenzo is the real-life Tetris queen), and headed west. i

Of course, it’s still in process, but here are a couple of the completed areas…

Vintage, Rooster, Kitchen, Design, Inspiration

Obviously, it’s got a long way to go. Plus, my Mum still needs to come out here soon to bring the items we ran out of space for, along with any forgotten soldiers (I forgot an embarrassing amount).

Stay tuned for more, as I continue this eclectic design inspiration series!

Vintage Wall Art, Design inspiration

photography, vintage, collage

Summary- I’m taking advantage of any extra free time in Denver


Feliz Cinco De Mayo!


I’ve had 26 years on this earth and, in that time, have learned to really love and appreciate Mexico. I hope that on today, the 5th of May, you take a moment to be thankful for our southern neighbors and be proud of the heritage that has become a significant part of American culture. Below are some examples of me enjoying a little bit of Mexico….

Halloween, Mexico, Day of the Dead, Mask

Here I am on Halloween 2007. I believe that this costume was referred to as “Dame of the Dead” which was obviously influenced by Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration.

Beach, Summer, Isla Mujeres, Tan, Laying out, Sunshine, Summer

Ah yes, just look at that fabulously awkward sunbathing girl. I spent a week on the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres a couple of years ago, when my friend Andre and I took that trip to celebrate being single on Valentines Day. I ended up meeting a really good-looking Italian guy who, despite not being able to speak each others’ language, was my all time favorite VD date. Only in such a magical place could that have happened.

Cancun, Mexico, Senior Trip, Spring Break, 2005, high school, graduation tripHere we have a vintage-Liz photograph from 2005, the year I graduated from high school. My friends and I took a trip to Cancun to celebrate our new-found freedom and last summer together before we all scattered across the country to our various colleges of choice. My friend Allison is the blonde in this image and we both still talk about how random, weird, fun, and wonderful this trip was for everyone…and how we both thought we were sooooo fat at that time. Idiots.

Summary- Mexico is fun


My precious dog might starve if you don’t share this…just click the link below 🙂

Help Me HELP YOU!.

Summary- help me, I’m poor

Dog, Marketing Jobs, Denver, Pets

Yes, Schubert is watching over 2 tiny kittens.

Tales from the South & How I gained a Post College Freshmen 15 TWICE in One Summer

Below is a picture of myself and friends fake climbing a fence at a bar…yes, fake climbing…and I don’t even use Instagram. That’s a whole other ramble, though. I want you to notice how I’m a lovely sun-kissed tan color, the blonde hair has been shaved off, which is resulting in a Sinead O’Conner look, & my face, arms, neck, etc. are all noticeably more “swollen” compared to other images you may have seen on this site. I’m going to give you a whirlwind summary of my last few months in USA Today format, so excessive visuals have been included, in case you’d rather ignore all these words.

Summer Beer Garden

First of all, and this is no joke, if it weren’t for these few images, I wouldn’t be able to prove I even existed for 10 to 12 weeks during the warm season. So, this blog isn’t the only thing neglected in Liz Land. In fact, I was barely leaving the premises of my parents’ home, other than the occasional walk up the driveway to grab the mail.

In my defense, my Mum has created a perfect country home and you’d feel the same way if you visited. Chickens roam the yard all day, neighbors are nowhere to be found, a seemingly limitless amount of produce is supplied by a garden, & a man called Blair (my father) cooks  delicious, lard based, southern style meals 3-4 times a week.

Liz Planted Flowers in a PotI even did some potting AND I like to think I was pretty darn good at it…
Here’s an example of my work…I know, I’m a potted flower genius.

Over here, we have a picture of a giant Luna moth. I’m not proud to admit that until my encounters with all
giant bug, luna, green moth
the Luna Moths that were around my parents’ house this summer, I never remember having seen one. In fact, I thought Lunesta made them up for a mascot. I was wrong.

fairy godmotherA FEW WEEKS AFTER MY ARRIVAL, one of my best friend’s had a baby boy…and his name is POISON! His legal name is Clinton, but my fairy god-daughter, his 4-year-old sister, dubbed him “Poison” while he was just an Asian Eggplant sized parasite in her mother’s womb.

Obviously, that is hilarious.

Now, I’m usually not a huge fan of most small humans, but my FGD is, hands down, the cutest, smartest, wisest person under the age of 5 and My friend had a babybaby Clinton will probably grow into something pretty awesome as well…

The child was named Poison for goodness sake…he had secured a spot in the land of cool before peacing out of womb-life.

Not long after the baby’s arrival, I decided it was time to leave the big city, take a summer off, & move to Denver….

Moving from New York City, Harlem, to Denver

So, I went back to New York for a few weeks,  packed up all of my worldly belongings, then loaded it all into boxes, and hauled them all 5 stories down to my car…all by myself. On top of my place not being air-conditioned, this was done on the hottest day Manhattan has seen in decades. By the end of the day I had puked twice and had to drag my overnight duffel bag across the street to get it in there. THEN, to top off this day, the last view I saw when leaving my Harlem neighborhood was truly unforgettable.

Ghetto GirlAfter my ghetto booty sighting, I drove my fully packed vehicle, with zero visibility, through Manhattan rush hour, then up to Connecticut…I was headed up to see my favorite people on the Eastern Seaborg…

I moved from New York and can totally relate to Sugar Hill GangSidenote- On my way out-of-town, I was flipped off,  cursed at, & got death stares countless times (that I was able to see) in the 4 mile drive out of that borough.

But alas, I arrived to the cutest Norwalk apartment 2 lovers could want and again, all was good. Sorry for excess cuteness, but check these partners out in their awesome, little apartment, doing their awesome, little things-                                                                   

Connecticut, cute couples

Moving on…Because I love being near the ocean and on a beach more than most Baptists love thinking about hell, I had a lovely time. Jen (brother Bill’s significant other) has an awesome family, so it was great being with a fun group of immediate family members who actually spend a week together without anyone contemplating homicide.

South Carolina Beach SummerAfter Pawley’s Island, I had big plans to spend all my time relaxing, and getting my head back on straight before relocating to Denver, the sunshine state

Lucky for everyone, another wonderful thing happened to a long-time bestie that made me SO happy for her, but also for me because I got to be in Arkansas so I could be a part of a happy surprise engagement! Yep, the self-proclaimed “angel” in my hometown crew had a guy put a ring on it and all her nearest and dearest got to surprise her with a Mimosa Brunch that she   stumbled into after calling everyone who was already aware. I acted like her big news bored me and that I had to go finish a sandwich so couldn’t talk. Muahaha!

Surprise Engagement Party

Carnival Cruise Drunk Dial Payed Off

Can anyone guess what my Chocolate Jesus chooses as his race/ethnicity on forms?

Before I know it, Chocolate Jesus and I were back from our cruise….↓

I was about to pack it all up again and head out west…

BUT that did not happen.back from my cruise. The day I returned from the cruise I found IVHQ and my perfect plan for me right now 🙂

Sorry, this was long one for me, but if you made it this far I’ll send you a gift card for a free thumbs up 😉 Also, here’s a picture of an actual CANNON that I came across in West Virginia, on my way to South Carolina

Civil War Reenactment

No doubt this was used  in a Civil War Reinactmentt…wonder what the guy who owns that cannon’s life is like over there….

Summary- I never did get around to explaining what exactly made this summer so life altering, did I? 

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