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Springtime during the Holidays!

Springtime during the Holidays!

Springtime during the Holidays! by fabulouslyawkward featuring fabric flowers

Dolce Gabbana floral skirt
$945 –

River Island skirt

Gucci shoes

Gucci purse

White purse
$26 –

Flower wall art

My Little Brother is a Doppelgänger

It’s Monday, I’m feeling lazy, and you’re probably bored at work. So, I want to keep it simple and just show you an image… The picture below compares Josh Hartnett‘s character, Ethan Chandler, from Penny Dreadful with a recent photograph of my younger brother.

doppelganger, penny dreadful, ethan chandler, family, doppelgänger, folklore, character, celebrity

Weird, right?

Anyone else out there a Doppelganger? Let me know!

Summary- Now that Josh Hartnett is sporting questionable facial hair, he could pass as my relative. 

HAPPY MONDAY- Tuesdays Remind me of Kansas

green energy, roadtrip, funny, humor, fans, aliens, yoga, hot yoga



Clean Energy, Funny, Random, Environment, Photography, Roadtrip, Inspirational


Congratulations– we’ve made it through another Monday! I know what you’re thinking; Tuesdays aren’t THAT much better, right? WRONG.

Tuesday is similar to western Kansas. I know this because I’ve driven through Kansas twice this springMondays are a slow, painful drive through the eastern side of Dorothy’s home state. You know it’s coming. In fact, one’s dread prior to crossing into landscape-less land might be worse than the actual process of getting through it (not unlike Sunday evenings).

turbines, clean energy, green energy, roadtrip, funny, humor, fans, aliens

While driving through Kansas at sunset, my friend Lauren and I were able to see the sky provide a nice backdrop for these alien-looking fans.

It’s at this time that hope seems lost, when suddenly thousands of alien-like fans appear on the horizon. At first you might feel paranoid, especially if crossing this area at night, because all there is to see are thousands of red lights blinking across pitch-black skies. But, you soon realize that these wind farms are using the Great Plains’ flatness providing clean energy to our masses. I find this and my Tuesday are quite similar, because this weekday usually contains most of my positive thinking towards the workweek.

Summary- Wind farms are the best thing to happen around Kansas in centuries. 


Feliz Cinco De Mayo!


I’ve had 26 years on this earth and, in that time, have learned to really love and appreciate Mexico. I hope that on today, the 5th of May, you take a moment to be thankful for our southern neighbors and be proud of the heritage that has become a significant part of American culture. Below are some examples of me enjoying a little bit of Mexico….

Halloween, Mexico, Day of the Dead, Mask

Here I am on Halloween 2007. I believe that this costume was referred to as “Dame of the Dead” which was obviously influenced by Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration.

Beach, Summer, Isla Mujeres, Tan, Laying out, Sunshine, Summer

Ah yes, just look at that fabulously awkward sunbathing girl. I spent a week on the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres a couple of years ago, when my friend Andre and I took that trip to celebrate being single on Valentines Day. I ended up meeting a really good-looking Italian guy who, despite not being able to speak each others’ language, was my all time favorite VD date. Only in such a magical place could that have happened.

Cancun, Mexico, Senior Trip, Spring Break, 2005, high school, graduation tripHere we have a vintage-Liz photograph from 2005, the year I graduated from high school. My friends and I took a trip to Cancun to celebrate our new-found freedom and last summer together before we all scattered across the country to our various colleges of choice. My friend Allison is the blonde in this image and we both still talk about how random, weird, fun, and wonderful this trip was for everyone…and how we both thought we were sooooo fat at that time. Idiots.

Summary- Mexico is fun

It’s Not Easy Being….from Eastern Europe

Ended up wasting 3 hours going through a “Candid Photos in NYC” folder, when I should have been preparing for interviews or working on the interior design of my new apartment….

Matching, Couple, Kelley Green Jackets, NYC Street Fashion

Now I find myself wondering if in today’s modern world, every little Austrian girl dreams of someday marrying a man who wears alarmingly snug jeans and slicks back their greasy hair with a comb. Perhaps they also practice blowing air kisses across a crowded room while listening to bad techno?

Urban Dictionary defines “Eurotrash” as “Post-modern, degenerate, trendy, or out-of-style European cultural phenomena masquerading as avant-garde High Art. Its origins are primarily German/Austrian but have extended to France, Scandinavia, and Italy with success.” This couple had the look, personality, even the smell down pat.

Obviously, I have no idea where these people were from or why they wore matching green coats with white jeans. They might have been on their way to a weird themed party. The only part I’m sure of is that as they walked past me, it was impossible to tell if each thought themselves or their significant other to be the sexiest douche in all of New York City that day.

Summary- While I really do love my new home in Denver, not a day goes by that I don’t miss the amazing NYC street style.

WTF Wednesday…A Spiral Escape !?

Emergency Exit, Spiral Stairwell, Green stairs

While sitting outside, enjoying one of the rare moments of sunshine New York has seen in the last few days, I noticed a really cool spiral staircase on a neighboring building. At first this stairway made me very happy, because my favorite color is green and I’ve always appreciated a good spiral. But, as per usual, my over analytical mind kicked in and I started thinking about the purpose of this vertical structure. Much to my disappointment,  it was concluded that this skinny, winding path was a fire escape. Now, I have no doubt this is a common design for emergency exits in this city, because they definitely take up less room than a typical drop-stair situation. However, could you imagine if that building was seriously burning down? Being a very clumsy person, I know that living on the top floor during a fire would be my nightmare. Not only would it make a person incredibly dizzy, it would take much longer to run to safety. So, even though I still greatly enjoy the aesthetics of this spiral passage, I think it is a ridiculous approach to getting residents out of an emergency. [Note- because of this inspiration, I will have a green, spiral staircase in my future home, just not as my emergency exit.]

Post Summary- Green, spiral stairs are awesome, but not in an emergency situation.

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Fantabulawkward Friday! [Please Pray…?]

Subway sign above woman reading says please prayI know what you are thinking. “Liz, why the hell have you posted a picture of a woman reading on the subway??” Well, my interest with this picture has nothing to do with the woman’s reading activity and everything to do with the sign above her. No, not the NYC metro map, but directly above that you will notice a sign with symbols for “no smoking,” “no littering,” no boom boxes” and the words “Please pray.” Obviously someone has vandalized this sign and it was originally meant to only say “Please.” BUT take a moment and think about how horrible a subway ride would be if everyone on board was smoking, littering, and listening to a large boom box. That sounds miserable! Note- I have yet to see a person walking around NYC with a giant boombox. Feel that I might need to revisit this “No Boombox” rule because it is kind of outdated and sounds almost as silly as “No Barbecuing in this area.”

Now, for those of you who don’t believe in a god or don’t typically find yourself asking an all-powerful source for help with such favors, this request for prayer wouldn’t be something you thought considered. And for those of you who do have a close relationship with said creator, you still might not pause to think about what this vandal has asked of those reading the sign. However, I found myself thinking very deeply about how thankful I was people weren’t allowed to do such things on a subway car. This then lead to be deciding that from now on am going to make a special point to thank the universe for making such rules possible. So, as awkward as taking a moment to pray that people don’t make your public transit more uncomfortable than it already is, I think taking a moment to thank the universe, science, god, or whatever you give credit for providing functional life here on earth wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Subway sign says please pray no smoking no littering no music

Dear NYC- While I am not asking you to start believing in a god and talking to him/her about proper subway etiquete, I do think people around here should appreciate how wonderful it is to live in this town.

I find New Yorkers generally don’t appreciate how lucky they are to have the some of the best restaurant, metro, park, and basic activity  options in the world. Because I grew up in a small town in the middle of Arkansas, I know what life is like without those wonderful things, so am going to make a better effort to awkwardly give thanks to the universe for allowing me to life in such a fabulous city. A city made even greater because of basic rules like “No smoking on the subway.” In conclusion, my request to you, New York, is that you stop for a moment and be thankful for living in such a fabulous place. Note- this appreciation of rules does not apply to the recent large drink law that recently got passed. 

Post Summary- Someone vandalized a subway sign.

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