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wtf Wednesday- what kind of blog is this?

keywords, search engine, weird, random, google, wtf, wednesday, funnyToday I was doing a bit of keyword research when I came across the Fabulously Awkward Girl daily stats….what, might you ask, is the most frequently search engine term that lead people to this site? Why, “BIG BLACK MONSTER BOOTY,” of course!

 Mind you, only 3 total search terms have been used today, but STILL!

Of course, further research was then required, in the name of writing & below are the top search term used since the beginning of time (for this site):

random, funny, humor, birthday cards, african american, surprise, blog, awkwardPray signs!? Shoe shelf!? Young white girl ass!? Friendly person text!? Based on this list, I have no idea what kind of blog I’ve ended up with here, but I think it’s living up to the Awkward title.

search, terms, humor, random, results

Summary- Don’t know how you found this blog, but it makes me happy that so many weird Google searches have resulted in a chunk of my audience

WTF Wednesday- ELouise’s Little Studio in the Big Green House Pt. 2

Today was reserved for my ongoing design project. Did I hang pictures on the wall? Absolutely not. What did I do? I read 9 issues of The Etude music magazines published in 1941. W.T.F.

(Warning- Sh*ts about to get weird)

BEHOLD a handful of the countless highlights from these periodicals!

Music, Magazine, Vintage, Strange, Funny, Design, Shabby Chic, creepy, baby, instruments

Yes, that is a baby on top of what appears to be most of a brass section. What happened to the band that went with it? Only he knows. 

Vintage, Magazine, Music, Hitler, Beethoven, Weird, Funny

Short answer- No.

Music, Magazine, Vintage, Strange, Funny, Design, Shabby Chic

No worries, folks, summertime is Vacation Tempo time with The Etude.

pretentious, funny, Music, Magazine, Vintage, Strange, Humor, Design, Shabby Chic

Rich people love music.

Music, Magazine, Vintage, Strange, Funny, Design, Shabby Chic, piano, creepy, weird

This girl is every young piano student’s nightmare. I know, because I lived it.

And this leads me to the grand finale of today’s post…..a tale as old as time…..

Scary, Weird, Awkward, Music, Magazine, Vintage, Strange, Funny, Design, Shabby ChicI feel like the writer knows my soul. Give me music or give me electroshock therapy! 

I find my grandmother’s collection of her monthly music treat to be equal parts upsetting, relatable, and pretentious. The combined emotions make for the most awkward rush I’ve had in years.

Now, anyone have ideas on how these beauties should be displayed? I’ve got 9 covers and plan to have all showcased. 

Summary- Planning media in 1941 must have been weird.

WTF Wednesday- Liz is heading off to Indonesia, India, & Beyond…(?)

Liz is going to Bali and Delhi“What did the title just imply…?” Better yet, “WTF LIZ” is probably what you, my darling readers, are thinking right now. This is supposed to be a blog about a NYC girl being weird, then she decided to go all granola and move to Denver,  and NOW the she’s heading to Asia? In a nutshell, the explanation is a combination of all those plans. First, I decided that the city that never sleeps was a bit exhausting, so I decided to spend the summer visiting my family in Arkansas and preparing for a September move to Denver. It was early-ish September that my dear friend, Angela, sent me the link to International Volunteer HQ‘s site and it was like the Universe was giving me a good, hard shove in the right direction. MomandmyNZ&Australia- Queenstown, New zealandWithin 2 days I had decided I was going to teach Kindergarten in Indonesia for 8 weeks, then backpack my way over to India and spend an additional 6 weeks teaching English in the slums of Delhi.

Woah-that was a lot to throw out there, but this really isn’t as far-fetched as you might imagine for this awkward city dweller….See, I have been wanting to volunteer since I was in college and living on my political soap box. However, because I’m not a strong enough person, I decided to not turn in my Peace Corps application and instead, dove into the real world (after a summer traveling in Europe, of course).

Paris 2009HEY, it was 2009 and the financial collapse was at its peak, so don’t judge me…or do, whatever. Anyway, after busting my butt AND getting it kicked, in New York, I realized that this “career limbo” I am currently in provides the perfect time gap I need to volunteer for a (not 2 year) stint.

So, I hope this explains how this WTF Wednesday is actually not all that WTFy after all.

Liz self photograph


As you can see,   →

I am super excited and you should be even more excited to keep up with my blog now that SE Asia is being thrown in my messy mix!


Summary- Liz is going abroad to volunteer & teach English to children! Leaving for Bali on Halloween spending a couple of months, then traveling around till I find India, where I’ll be staying till early March or so…THEN I will finally, 100% be moving to Denver, CO


WTF Wednesday- “African American Lover” Birthday Card

Birthday Cards and Special Occasions for all African American Lovers- Fabulously Awkward

FRONT: I REALLY think this card speaks for itself.

First and foremost, the front is not even close to the best part about this card. The inside message is what really makes this a beautiful, WTF Wednesday worthy specimen. Take a moment and read this poetry.

You're the reason I smile- birthday card at Pathmark


My discovery of this birthday card happened when my dear friend, Drew, was visiting from Chicago on the anniversary of him entering the world. I felt I needed to surprise him with a few bday goodies and the PERFECT card. I also love(d) procrastination and ran out of time for the whole “perfect birthday card” stuff…or so I thought. I had a cat-themed birthday message in-hand and was heading out when another section caught my eye a few feet away from the traditional cards. It looked like Christian section, which definitely needed to be browsed before making a final choice, and I was not totally wrong or disappointed when I found it was a section dedicated to people who wanted to show their love for the person(s) of color in their life. This target was specified in multiple designs and I realized there really was a serious lack of African-American Lover specific greeting cards. Apparently this is not an issue in my grocery store. Now, if they could just move it over so it’s located between “Congratulations” and “From your Daughter.” Until then, I now know where to look for the perfect birthday card.

Summary- This card exists and THAT, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

WTF Wednesday…A Spiral Escape !?

Emergency Exit, Spiral Stairwell, Green stairs

While sitting outside, enjoying one of the rare moments of sunshine New York has seen in the last few days, I noticed a really cool spiral staircase on a neighboring building. At first this stairway made me very happy, because my favorite color is green and I’ve always appreciated a good spiral. But, as per usual, my over analytical mind kicked in and I started thinking about the purpose of this vertical structure. Much to my disappointment,  it was concluded that this skinny, winding path was a fire escape. Now, I have no doubt this is a common design for emergency exits in this city, because they definitely take up less room than a typical drop-stair situation. However, could you imagine if that building was seriously burning down? Being a very clumsy person, I know that living on the top floor during a fire would be my nightmare. Not only would it make a person incredibly dizzy, it would take much longer to run to safety. So, even though I still greatly enjoy the aesthetics of this spiral passage, I think it is a ridiculous approach to getting residents out of an emergency. [Note- because of this inspiration, I will have a green, spiral staircase in my future home, just not as my emergency exit.]

Post Summary- Green, spiral stairs are awesome, but not in an emergency situation.

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WTF Wednesday!?

Subway guy wearing red, mesh top and nipple rings

Who knew that wearing a mesh top would bring out the silver in a person’s nipple rings so much!? I think 1993 did, but that’s beside the point. I had the great pleasure of sharing a subway car with this young man not too long ago and it made me wonder- who wakes up, looks in their closet, SEES a red, mesh top, and decides “YES. This is what I will wear today.” Having such a piece of clothing in your closet is impressive enough, but this guy took it to the next level. I think the backwards hat really brings it all together. If/when I ever decide such an outfit choice is the right one, please handcuff me to a convenience store front and never look back.

Post Summary: While being yourself is great, wearing a mesh shirt is not.

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