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Leslie Jordan Wished me Happy Birthday on a Car Wash Receipt

I have no doubt that you all have heard of the great Mr. Leslie Jordan…YOU KNOW, that tiny, fabulous old queen that has made his way into our hearts and homes through shows like Will & Grace, Boston Legal, American Horror Story, Raising Hope, etc……

Still having trouble recalling his adorable face?

This should help.

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Yes, this fabulous has a personality that makes you think he adorns all of his fingers with colorful rubies for people to kiss when greeting him at home. He’s also the man who has starred in such classic films as The Help, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Eating Out: all you can eat, and Weird Science.

funny, red carpet, pink carpet, blue shoes

Keep being you, Leslie.

And on top of ALL THIS, he had the honor of meeting my dear Uncle, while running errands in Los Angeles last week…

Fabulously Awkwrad Girl Met Fabulously Awkward Leslie Jordan-My Life Down the Pink Carpet Cover

My mom’s brother has been living amongst the West Hollywood elite for over 30 years now, and usually leaves them be, but he knew that getting a note from one of my all-time favorite old queens would make my day. So, he bothered the actor for a signature.


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“Elizabeth! Happy B day! Leslie Jordan “‘Will and Grace'”

Yep, Leslie Jordan personally wished ME “happy birthday” on the back of a Santa Palm Car Wash receipt. This (obviously) means that I’m better than most of humanity and can count on my 27th year to be EXTRA fabulous…that or extra short and overly pretentious….we’ll see!

Frances Conroy, Leslie Jordan, Myrtle Snow, American Horror Story, Witches

Summary- I just got starstruck from a signature & have to take a 2 week vacation from judging people for regularly reading tabloids. 


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