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Fantabulawkward Friday! [Please Pray…?]

Subway sign above woman reading says please prayI know what you are thinking. “Liz, why the hell have you posted a picture of a woman reading on the subway??” Well, my interest with this picture has nothing to do with the woman’s reading activity and everything to do with the sign above her. No, not the NYC metro map, but directly above that you will notice a sign with symbols for “no smoking,” “no littering,” no boom boxes” and the words “Please pray.” Obviously someone has vandalized this sign and it was originally meant to only say “Please.” BUT take a moment and think about how horrible a subway ride would be if everyone on board was smoking, littering, and listening to a large boom box. That sounds miserable! Note- I have yet to see a person walking around NYC with a giant boombox. Feel that I might need to revisit this “No Boombox” rule because it is kind of outdated and sounds almost as silly as “No Barbecuing in this area.”

Now, for those of you who don’t believe in a god or don’t typically find yourself asking an all-powerful source for help with such favors, this request for prayer wouldn’t be something you thought considered. And for those of you who do have a close relationship with said creator, you still might not pause to think about what this vandal has asked of those reading the sign. However, I found myself thinking very deeply about how thankful I was people weren’t allowed to do such things on a subway car. This then lead to be deciding that from now on am going to make a special point to thank the universe for making such rules possible. So, as awkward as taking a moment to pray that people don’t make your public transit more uncomfortable than it already is, I think taking a moment to thank the universe, science, god, or whatever you give credit for providing functional life here on earth wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Subway sign says please pray no smoking no littering no music

Dear NYC- While I am not asking you to start believing in a god and talking to him/her about proper subway etiquete, I do think people around here should appreciate how wonderful it is to live in this town.

I find New Yorkers generally don’t appreciate how lucky they are to have the some of the best restaurant, metro, park, and basic activity  options in the world. Because I grew up in a small town in the middle of Arkansas, I know what life is like without those wonderful things, so am going to make a better effort to awkwardly give thanks to the universe for allowing me to life in such a fabulous city. A city made even greater because of basic rules like “No smoking on the subway.” In conclusion, my request to you, New York, is that you stop for a moment and be thankful for living in such a fabulous place. Note- this appreciation of rules does not apply to the recent large drink law that recently got passed. 

Post Summary- Someone vandalized a subway sign.

Warning: A Wizard has been seen roaming Central Park during daylight hours.

Yesterday afternoon I had an encounter that could only be described as “magical.”  For the 2ND time since living here,  I came across a wizard smack dab in the middle of New York City.

Over the last few months I’ve become quite the Central Park patron. My canine companion, Schubert, and I have our own spot in one of the dog-friendly areas. Our routine goes something like this- I lay out a blanket, detach the leash from Schubert’s collar, and let him around like the wild dog he was born to be. At this point I usually open a book and do some half-ass reading. Yesterday’s trip was no different until dusk came around and we made moves to exit our little nature-escape.While walking down a gravel path something purple caught my eye…there, in Sheep’s Meadow, was none other than the wizard I had seen strolling through that same area a few months before.

Here you can see the wizard walking through the populated meadow as if it were his natural environment.

Now, what got me about this wizard sighting was not his nonchalant attitude to practicing magic during the day. It was the other park-goers and their indifference to his presence that rubbed me the wrong way. Not a single person was taking a picture or looking at all confused. As you can see, I snapped a shot of this mystical moment during my first sighting (due to my little monster’s aggressive leash habits a decent photo was not captured yesterday).

Do New Yorkers really see so many different people, personalities, outfits, and oddities that not even a wizard walking around in front of them summons a reaction!? I felt like one of the tourists in Times Square, but instead of being amazed by giant LCD screens and advertisements, I was taken aback by a purple clad sorcerer. This difference between myself and the other park rats brought me to a solid conclusion- I will not live in NYC long enough that a wizard walking around Central Park doesn’t surprise me.

Post Summary: Seeing a wizard in public should always make you ask “what is going on?”

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