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wtf Wednesday- what kind of blog is this?

keywords, search engine, weird, random, google, wtf, wednesday, funnyToday I was doing a bit of keyword research when I came across the Fabulously Awkward Girl daily stats….what, might you ask, is the most frequently search engine term that lead people to this site? Why, “BIG BLACK MONSTER BOOTY,” of course!

 Mind you, only 3 total search terms have been used today, but STILL!

Of course, further research was then required, in the name of writing & below are the top search term used since the beginning of time (for this site):

random, funny, humor, birthday cards, african american, surprise, blog, awkwardPray signs!? Shoe shelf!? Young white girl ass!? Friendly person text!? Based on this list, I have no idea what kind of blog I’ve ended up with here, but I think it’s living up to the Awkward title.

search, terms, humor, random, results

Summary- Don’t know how you found this blog, but it makes me happy that so many weird Google searches have resulted in a chunk of my audience

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